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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who do you have crop your dogs ears?

    1. Dr. Anne Midgarden in Wapakoneta, OH.​ (Highly sought after)

  2. How Do I "post" my dogs ears?

    1. There are many ways to post ears. Here are several options.​

      1. Zip Tie Method

      2. Quick Brace Method

      3. Tampon/backer rod Method

  3. How long do I post the ears?​

    1. Every dog is different. The length of time is dependent on length of the ears, genetics, consistency, diet, and age. ​Can range from 4 weeks to over a year. Consistency is key here!

  4. Should I crate train my dog?

    1. This is a personal choice but we recommend using this method for house training.  Example - Crate Training

  5. How much are your puppies?

    1. Van Dutches Dobermans, LLC current pricing:

      1. All dogs come up to date on age appropriate vaccines, deworming, vetting, health guarantee (see contract) and are cropped and docked.

        1. Limited AKC registration: $2500 + Tax (6.75%) (includes crop by Dr. Midgarden)

        2. We do provide the option for uncropped doberman puppies however the pricing isn't discounted and the deposit will be half of the total cost, due to fact that uncropped dobermans are less popular than cropped dobermans and the window to crop the ears may have passed. Uncropped deposits will also be non-refundable.

        3. Full AKC registration $3000 + Tax (6.75%) (includes crop by Dr. Midgarden)

        4. Deposits on a cropped puppy are $250. This goes towards your total. Instructions for your deposit will be given after we have a puppy born for you specifically. ( See home page for application)

        5. Payments are Cash only on pickup, unless otherwise discussed.

  6. Do you ship dogs?

    1. While not preferred, we have in the past and will consider it to approved homes in the right circumstances.​

  7. Can I meet the Sire and Dam?

    1. Yes, generally. Due to the some dams being extra protective of their puppies, viewing may be from a safe distance.​

  8. If I get two puppies at one time, do I get a discounted price?

    1. Under most circumstances, two puppies from the same litter would not be advised due to littermate syndrome.​ Littermate syndrome is when two puppies from the same litter are raised in the same home and develop a bond with each other. This early bond to one another can cause dog on dog aggression in the future and prevent the puppies from bonding to you.

  9. What type of food do you feed?

    1. As long as the food you choose is NOT grain-free and rates at least a 4/5 stars on, there are many good choices. ​​

  10. Do you have a contract?

    1. Yes. See attached.​ Actual contract will be signed at pickup.

  11. What do you do with retired breeding dogs?

    1. We do place retired breeding dogs in homes after they are recovered from their spay/neuter. Please let us know if you are interested in a retired dog.  ​

  12. Do you stud out your males?

    1. Yes. Please see the bottom of our "Sires" page for an example of our contract. ​

If you live within one hour of Goshen, Ohio, and would like more information on joining our team by being a guardian home for a breeding dog, please text Dani 513-390-4531. 

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