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  1. How much are your puppies?

    1. Van Dutches Dobermans, LLC current pricing:

      1. All dogs come up to date on age appropriate vaccines, deworming, vetting, health guarantee (see contract) and are cropped, and docked. I no longer remove dewclaws, but can have them removed at the crop appt if strongly desired. 

        1. Limited AKC registration: $2500 + Tax (6.75%) (includes crop by Dr. Midgarden)

        2. We do provide the option for uncropped doberman puppies however the pricing isn't discounted and the deposit will be half of the total cost, due to fact that uncropped dobermans are less popular than cropped dobermans and the window to crop the ears may have passed. Uncropped deposits will also be non-refundable.

        3. Full AKC registration $3000 + Tax (6.75%) (includes crop by Dr. Midgarden)

        4. Deposits on a cropped puppy are $250. This goes towards your total. Instructions for your deposit will be given after we have a puppy born for you specifically. ( See home page for application)

        5. Payments are all electronically requested through QuickBooks. The deposit and balance will be in two separate emails. The balance can be paid while picking up your pup, or beforehand. 

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