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Congrats on your new puppy!

Thank you for joining the VDD family! 

This page is info for new puppy owners; Including products I like. 

Please consider ordering the following things before your pup comes home to you!

Puppies have immature immune systems!

Puppies are SO vulnerable to toxins in the environments! When they come home, that stressor can make them even more vulnerable. 

Please order this NuVet Plus immune support a couple weeks before they come home, to help them through the transition! 

Click HERE for the website! 

NuVet image.jpg

Supplies I recommend!

We are on Amazon now! 

Click HERE to see some of my Amazon suggestions! 

Food Recommendation
Many people ask me what food I recommend. My general answer has always been "as long as it rates at least 4/5 stars on and NOT grain free, it's worth a try." 
I recently switched to
Life's Abundance All Life Stages
and it's been exactly what I was looking for. 
5/5 stars, no recalls, great ingredients. 
Click HERE to buy it! 




Trupanion gives all my pup owners 30 days of free pet insurance.

Activate THE DAY you get possession of your pup! You can cancel before 30 days and never pay a penny if you want, or keep it going!

Cancel by emailing

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