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Nestor Royal Forest Rogot

Magnus is 100% European (Serbian Import)

Projected 100lbs+

black/Rust male

DOB 07/01/19

Vwd - Clear

DM - Clear

DCM 1 & 2 - Clear

Embark tested clear for 169 known genetic conditions

Non Z-Factor

Genetic coat BbDd 

Holter NORMAL 2021


As a pup...


Van Dutches Dobermans, LLC
Stud contract

Van Dutches Doberman, LLC strives to preserve the genetic health of the puppies we contribute to breeding; whether in our facility, or at the home, or kennel of a fellow breeder. Our contract is as follows:
1.       Your female must be AKC registered with Full breeding rights. Proof of such must be provided. All of our dogs are AKC registered with Full breeding rights, and proof can be provided at request.
2.       Genetic testing, including, but not limited to Von Willebrands Disease (vWD), Degenerative Myopathy (DM), and Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) type 1 and 2 must be performed on the intended dam. Proof is to be provided. If results are “by parentage,” the female’s dam and sire’s results must be provided.
3.       Brucellosis testing on the intended dam will need to be performed as close to breeding as possible. Make sure to have Brucellosis results back before travel plans for breeding are initiated. The stud will be tested as well.
4.       The intended dam should be on her third heat, or nearly two years old at earliest breeding age. We prefer to retire our females at approximately 4 years old, but with the clearance from your vet, will consider an intended dam of up to 6 years old; provided it is not her first litter. We also prefer any dam that previously had a cesarean section to skip a heat before being bred again, but support back to back breeding in dams who have delivered naturally without breeding or whelping complications.
All of that being said, below is the monetary commitment.
1.       Base stud fee is __________________, to be paid in full, in CASH, at time of breeding arrangement.
2.       A FOUR puppy minimum is guaranteed with full price. If less than 4 puppies are born (stillborn puppies and fading puppies count towards the total number of puppies born), you will be refunded as follows:
a.       No pregnancy - 1/2 of the stud fee will be refunded (________).
b.       One puppy born- 1/2 of the stud fee will be refunded (____).
c.       Two puppies born- ½ of the stud fee will be refunded (_________).
d.       Three puppies born- ¼ of the stud fee will be refunded (______).
3.       The first half of the stud fee is not refundable (_______), but should a pregnancy not result, the deposit can be carried over to the next immediate heat for a one-time repeat attempt.
4.       Dam owners are responsible for starting the AKC litter registration portion online; we attest that will do our online portion of the registration, provided all portions of this agreement are met.
5.       *The pick of the litter puppy WITH FULL AKC REGISTRATION PAPERWORK may be used as payment if both parties agree in advance. If the pick of the litter puppy option is agreed in advance, the full stud fee will be returned to the dam’s owners at time of puppy and paperwork pick up.  
Miscellaneous contingencies: 
1.       Travel: We are willing to travel with our sire to meet the dam if schedules allow. If more than 25 miles, $50 per 100 miles will be added to the first half, or $0.50/mile.
2.       Preferably, the female will be brought to our facility, for the comfort of the stud. Most of the time, no breeder assistance will be needed for the mating process, however introductions will be made under direct supervision, for safety.
3.       If the bitch is left with us, food must be provided.
4.       All attempts to provide pictures of a successful tie will be made if you are not present.
5.       Only one tie is needed to produce puppies. If the female stays with us, no more than one tie per day will be attempted.
6.       Your female may be crated/kenneled for some time when not out with the sire, for her safety. We would not want a stray male, or the wrong stud to gain access to her.
7.       You may choose to bring her back several times instead of leaving her. Every other day is plenty, especially if progesterone testing has identified ovulation. This is preferred.
8.       Van Dutches Dobermans, LLC, Thomas and/or Danielle Forman and their associates are not to be held accountable for any injury to your female due to mating or any other reason. We are also not responsible for any injury of any visitors on our personal and business property, or anywhere elsewhere during our meeting for mating or any other purposes.
9.       We do use a legal service for payment collections when necessary.
10.   Choice of Law, Jurisdiction and Venue. This Agreement shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of OHIO. The parties agree that Clermont County, OH will be the venue of any dispute and will have jurisdiction over all parties.


11.   *Pick of the Litter Option:   Van Dutches Dobermans, LLC________


                                                                             Dam owner(s)_______  
We look forward to seeing what our dogs can bring to the Doberman community. We strive for transparency and collaboration; and hope this experience can be a great one for all involved parties.
Van Dutches Dobermans, LLC:_______________________________________________Date:_________
Dam owner(s): _______________________________________________________________________Date:_________                                         _______________________________________________________________________Date:_________

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